Product Range A summary of our product range

At KWT we make a range of products for controlling and maintaining water levels.

Below you can find the summary of our product range, but feel free to download our brochure or make a request for quotation.

  • Non-return valves
  • Penstocks
  • Level control
  • Adittional solutions


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Non-return valves

KWT non-return valves are used to prevent backflow to the system. Our non-return valves are light weight and reliable.


Non-return valve to prevent backflow of surface water or sewage. The light weight allows easy operation of the valve for proper flow. Suitable for sealing off backflow in a circular duct up to 5 meter water column (MwC). You can either choose the flat mounting model (KRK-R-O), or a mounting model under a 15 degree angle (KRK-R-OH), the best choice for low counter-pressure circumstances.

For pumps we have a special application valve: the KPK, with a flange connection.
This type of valve we provide in HDPE but also in stainless steel.

WSBD RWZI Bath inlaat influent


KWT penstocks can be deployed in a whole range of diverse situations. Wherever there needs to be a permanent barrier to seal off a gap, you can rely on the quality of KWT penstocks. With over 25 years of experience, we can offer a helping hand in the most complex of situations, but also deliver a penstock quick and easy from stock.


KWT manufactures a range of Industrial wall penstocks, which blocks important bottlenecks in your water system. The optimal density is guaranteed in an ingenious way, even at extreme water pressure. For instance, the KSA-HD has a moving plate wich is placed accordingly to a sealing compartment which is placed under a 3° angle. Moreover, the moving plate is seamlessly adjustable with respect to the back plate. The penstock can be operated with an operating key (removable), a hand wheel or an electronic mechanism, like an Auma or Rotork actuator.

We provide solutions suitable for sealing a duct up to 40 MwC, with a double sluice function. Because of the chosen materials, the penstock is suitable for usage in surface water, process water and sewage.


Suitable for low pressure (up to 1 MwC), this product is used succesfull in agriculture applications.

Suitable for medium pressure (up to 5 MwC), this product is used succesfull in agriculture applications, urban wastewater applications by municipalities and flood protection.
For PVC applications and concrete >1.100mm
Concrete tube application <1.000mm

KSA-RQ (Stainless steel)
Suitable for medium pressure (up to 5 MwC), this product is used succesfull in urban wastewater applications by waterboards, municipalities and flood protection.

Suitable for pressures up to 10 MwC, this product is used succesfull in urban wastewater applications by waterboards, municipalities, industrial applications and flood protection.
This product is used when only the best is good enough

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Level control

KWT has large and diverse range of overflow units available to suit in every situation.  Please have a look to see which solution fits your situation best. Need advice? Please consult one of our employees, they’d be happy to help you out!

The weirs of KWT are meant to manage the water level upstream. By means of a simple rotating movement, you adjust the water level. All surplus water flow over the moving plate, into the lower carrier. Because the channel weir functions on basis of fitting on a flat surface, the weirs can easily be places in a well for instance. Whenever the level in upper feed fluctuates too much, the channel weir can be provided with an electrical actuator. In combination with level sensors and a control system, you will have little to worry about over your water management.

There are several versions for you to choose from:

KKS  a tilting weir, so you can control you water untill bottom levels.
KOP – a overflow well, with stackable logs
KOPKOS – a overflow well, weir operation
KOS – a sliding weir, so you can built this product into a well.
KSOS –  a stackable overflow weir, for agriculture use, and permanent systems (changing the waterlevel once a year).

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Adittional solutions

At KWT, we have a lot more to offer.

Just to name a few. Download our product brochure to see all the solutions.

You need any assistance?  Contact us!